Long story short, all of my parent's assets have been seized by other family members in a long-standing family dispute in an attempt to control and manage finances.  The party that has wrangled control of all assets ostensibly made the case that their takeover of assets was required to protect my parents from their spendthrift habits.  As a naive trusting person, I assumed that they would have the best interest of my parents as their objective moving forward.  I later discovered that the seized assets were no longer considered my parents assets but rather assets of the party who wrangled control of the estate.  Therefore, the assets have been depleted over time and continue to be depleted for personal expenses as well as parents expenses.  But when it comes to parents finances, the controlling party is reluctant to allocate the appropriate funds to deal with these expenses.  The end result is that critical maintenance items do not get the needed attention which predictably (and which I predicted) results in emergencies.

The emergency we are facing now is the HVAC unit which has been failing for years has finally failed completely.  Predictably, this complete failure was inevitable and would probably occur at the worse possible time when the temperatures reach record highs which was recently the case in Southern CA.  So now my 80 and 90 year old parents are dealing with life-threatening scenario as they try to manage to avoid serious heat-related medical emergencies in a manufactured home with very thin walls when temperature sore over 110 degrees with no air conditioning. 

I have no say in the allocation of assets and have been unable to convince family members to step up and do the right thing and avoid emergencies such as this one.  I decided to try GoFundMe as an alternative approach to help raise the funds required to fix/replace the HVAC unit and/or relocate my parents out of immediate danger.  I appreciate any help regarding this matter.

Thank you.

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